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Insurance Law

As an initial matter, the insurance company is commonly expected to follow all of the same rules and laws as any other business. This would include salary and hour laws, zoning and land use, securities guidelines along with tax laws.

Insurance regulation basically governs the business that covers the solvency of insurance agencies. Thus, this sort of regulation governs our reserve policies, prices, capitalization, and various other "decrease back office" processes. Acting as legal suggest to banks & finance companies in transactions regarding securitization of loans and the subsequent public supplying of the securitized portfolio.

Drafting of the security / loaning documents
 Advising and implementing on the creation off security in favor of the blanks.
 Security issues and corporate finance.
 Consortium Lending.
 Public offering.
 Enforcing security in fortnight of the bank to recover the remaining amount.
 Litigation in India Court/ Tribunal.
 Leasing Finance.
 Project Finance.
 Insurance work.
 Mercantile Conveyance.
 Advising banks on accommodate suitable hazard management models.

Drafting the user agreement, service agreement, security, loaning, privacy policy statements, and documents for our clients. Because of the steps taken to attract foreign penetration, especially in the banking sector, this industry has elaborated extensively and developed. The Government of India has provided an added stimulus to the banking industry by proposing to build up a property reconstruction firm.

With the setting up of such companies, the burden of banks plagued by non-performing assets will easily considerably. The advice is a comprehensive mixture of the business strategic development, in deepness industry distinctions.

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