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Family law is a law where the practice area concerned with all the legal issues of the family relationships like divorce, adoption, and custody of the child. One of the best lawyer “Sanjay Sharma” especially famous for handling the case like divorce, child support, and all the legal matters related to the family. Family law specializes in paternity, emancipation, and adoption or also in other family-related matters. In India, there is a “formal rule and regulation” for marriage including age and some legal aspects and their capacity. There are various laws in a state for divorce, child adoption, child support, and marriages.

Why to hire a lawyer for the family Issues:

Most of the time lawyers have to work on the divorce and other matters of the family also. One of the most important reasons for choosing a lawyer is:

1. Child Custody: Child custody or child support is one of the biggest court orders and settlements that included in the larger divorce case, but sometimes it happens that conditions may get change. For instance, Child custody or child support is given to parents according to their financial situation changes.

2. Divorce: In divorce, each partner has their lawyers or attorney who help him or her to devise a settlement plan to just avoid the trial. Attorneys are well skilled at the dividing marital property, visitation, support, giving a plan for the child support, and calculating spousal support also.

3. Adoption Case: Each state has its laws for adopting a child and it is one of the complex processes that depend on the types of adoption. In the foster process, a faster person can adopt the foster child because it doesn’t need any legal representation.

4. Paternity: Paternity is determined by the DNA test of the child, in most cases paternity cases field by the mothers to support their child in the absence of their father. But a father can take the child's responsibility after the biological test of father for paternity.

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