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Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers are that lawyers who take the case related to the criminal activities whether you charge for the crime against any particular person, company, organization or are charge any other misbehaving, theft, and teasing, these all come under the criminal activity.

By only these contraptions via which organized societies protect person make sure the survival of the group and their interests. In addition, there are standards of behavior governed through family, school, and religion, Office and manufacturing unit regulations, Rules of civil lifestyles enforced by way of standard police powers and restrictions to be had through torture actions.

And the best way to get rid of this situation is to hire a professional lawyer, so here is the role of justice in law. We have a special team of high-class criminal lawyers who handle cases expeditiously with the aim of resolving the cases as quickly as possible.

When a need of criminal lawyers

¶ If you are arrested by the police on charges of crime, you can hire a criminal lawyer and he will help you as soon as possible and also may secure a bail.

¶ If someone has a false charge on you by any kind of reason, then contact the criminal lawyer Sanjay K Sharma. He will help to get the instant bail.

¶ A criminal lawyer can fight a case for you and can help us get away from what the prosecution is accusing you.

¶ Many times, when you go to the police station for any cases and they refuse to file an FIR at that time, a criminal lawyer can help you out with your report.

What are the regulatory offence in India?

1. Theft, Fraud
2. Money Laundering and Extortionate.
3. Murder and Kidnapping
4. Homicide and killing of endangered animals
5. Drunk and drive Case
6. Financial fraud
7. Dowry Harassment

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