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Business Law

Business law management is the key measure of success for business: it deals with the study of the legal business matter for keeping an enterprise in compliance with all legal updates of the industry. This branch of law holds all such cases which affect business entities in courses of the operations. It governs the coaching of incorporation, control structuring, forming agreements, regulating mergers, licensing agreements, supporting acquisitions and beholding of all such transactions taking area in among relative government and a company.

Other than ordinary compliance, the law also governs legal scriptures and guiding laws of companies including administration of companies Act, Business Governance.

For example Management Act, insolvency codes, etc. regulating the formation, struggle, amenableness, and disintegration of the business.

Seeking experience in business compliances in Delhi and NCR, SS & Associates has remarkably uplifted its core lifestyles from a short-lived consultant firm to an all-rounder business and criminal advisor. Counter appreciations from our respected clients have helped us to have an upward graph of satisfied clients.

Leaving an untiring group of members to back-stop support, we cover each and every component of dealing with corporate regulation queries. Being recognized for processing and filing correct tax returns in Delhi, we deliver ensuing legal recommendations and business guidelines to all our related protectors.

Business Law and Secretarial Services forte of SS includes:

*  Corporate Advisory offerings on all of the statutory compliances in regards to the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and all other previous laws in and around task places of Delhi.

*  Liaison with the applicable places of work of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, National Company Law Tribunal, National Company Law Appellant Tribunal and other authorities concerned, in admire of numerous subjects referring to the affairs of the company at the side of Regulatory Approvals of all such regulatory bodies.

*  Secretarial Audit: Providing Complete Audit of Secretarial & Statutory Records with a proposal to rectify the shortcoming and discrepancies observed within the Audit process.

*  Incorporation and event-based compliance for all kind of companies.

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